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Adding elegance and glamour to your home, the stunning 6 arm chandelier will illuminate your bedroom, dining room or living area with light and grace. The beautifully designed chandelier is made with high quality glass that is effortlessly shaped to create a striking look that makes a wonderful focal point in your room. Complementing the chic glass is the chrome that will glisten under the light as well as provide durability. The graceful design will complement most decors bringing its own enchanting look to your home.

Versailles Chandelier


Bringing a charming and grandeur look to your home, the white Versailles chandelier will radiate light and style into your home. The five arm design is accentuated with white beads that effortlessly drape for a beautiful design. Made from durable and elegant acrylic, the chandelier is enhanced with beautiful and gentle forms. The lights rise from a beautiful flower design, while beads in various octagon and teardrop shapes, all with sleek edges, give more style to the chandelier. A wonderful and striking feature, the Versailles chandelier will make a functional and fashionable impact in your home.